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Hi, there. I'm Mim from Tokyo who loves travel, gluten free and minimal life. In this Vlog, I'm gonna talk about places I went, meals n sweeties I made, and my habits to be a minimalist in 3 languages! Bonjour, je suis Mim qui aime voyager, les repas sans

5 gluten free & vegan restaurants in Tokyo

Hi, today I'm shareing good place to have healthy foods in Tokyo!

Aujourd'hui, j'expserai des places ou ont repas de vegan ey de sans gluten à Tokyo! 


 and yes, they will be insta-worthy for sure!!


  1. CITY SHOP noodle

Literally I cannot live without this served by cityshop boodle! I really wanna have this one right now... 

You can choose 3deli(plus 1noodle) plate or 2deli (plus 1 noodle)plate, and then choose the kinds of deli and noodle.

They have vegan and gluten free deli and noodles (e.g. Zen pasta, Tohu noodle, and rice noodle)

You can get 1 drink (free fall) if you visit there during lunch time.

Vegetable broth is also seved with this plate.


Je ne peux pas vivre sans ce plat servé par City shop noodle! Je vraiment voudrais manger ça tout de suite.. 

Vous pouvez choisir 3repas avec 1noodle plat ou 2repas avec 1noodle plat, ensuite choisir les types de repas et de noodles.

Ils ont des plats et noodles qui n'ont ni gluten ni vegan

Vous pouvez 1boisson si vous visitez là pendant l'heure ou des déjeuners est servés.



Location: 5-51-8 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.


 2. Mr. farmer

Located in multiple place and you may can visit once during your stay in Tokyo.

Yeah, I love this green salad bc it is vegan and gluten free!

They have free detox-water, so you can help yourself!


Situé à plusieurs places donc vous pouvez visiter une fois pendant votre séjour à Tokyo.

J'aime cette salade verte parce que c'est vegan et sans gluten!

Ils ont free l'eau désintoxnation.



Location: Harajuku





3. Veganic to go

This hidden café located nearby Tokyo mid-town serves Vegan burgers! They have options to change its buns to GF. This tiny cafe also has and sells lots of vegan products!


Ce café  caché situé pres de Tokyo mid-town serve Vegan burgers! Ils ont des options de changer ses buns GF. Ce petit café aussi a et vend plain de vegan produits!



 Soy meat with vegan mayo and teriyaki flavor. GF.

We can charge your phone there. It's nice for tourists!


Location 7-4-14, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


4. kippy's coco-cream

This ice cream shop serves vegan ice cream which uses coconuts milk and honey. All icecreams of this shop are daily free.

Ce café de glace serve glace vegan qui utilise du lait de noix de coco et du miel. Toute glaces de ce café sont sans laitier.



You can choose 3,4, or 5 scoops and toppings!

Location 2-6-3, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


This area called Dagaya-sando has a lots of nice restaurant and cafe. You should try other ones! 

Ce quartier qui s'appelle Dagaya-sando a beaucoup de restaurant et de café. Vous devons les essayer!


5. AIN SOPH. journey



Location 3-8-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Lunch and dinner time are available

Free-fall lemon water


They have other restaurants in another Shinjuku and Ginza.

Gluten-free pasta (photo above) is so nice, you should try it!

If you visit there for having some coffee, I recommend you to have vegan cakes!

During dinner time, they serve wine and alcohool stuffs! 


Ils ont d'autre retaurants à un autre Shinjuku et à Ginza.

Des pâtes sans gluten est très très bon. Vous devons l'essayer.

Si vous visitez là pour avoir un café, je vous recommande d'avoir des gâteaux vegan!

Pendant dîner, ils servènt du vin!